DemandTools 2.6 Now Available – Upgrade Today!

DemandTools 2.6 is now available, please download and upgrade today. This latest version includes login support for Single Sign On (SSO), and a native 64bit version is also available. Learn more about the specific improvements, and how to determine which version (32/64bit) you should install based on your system here.

As always, prior to upgrading as a precaution, please backup your DemandToolsData directory prior to upgrading.

A few additional reminders when upgrading to the new version:

  1. 32bit versions CANNOT be upgraded to the 64bit version
  2. Users installing the 64bit version with 64bit Office (full support) may want to uninstall the 32bit version once they have successfully installed the 64bit version, otherwise both will be installed on the PC.
  3. The 32bit version installs in the Program File(x86)\DemandTools folder and the 64bit version installs in the Program Files\DemandTools64Bit folder.
  4. Users can upgrade (no uninstall required) from a previous 32bit version to the new 32bit version, and 64bit users will be able to upgrade to later 64bit versions (i.e. future releases).
  5. Version 2.6 is built on Salesforce API 35.0 (Winter ’16). Any new Salesforce tables/fields/features added since API 30.0 (the version 2.50.59 was built on) will be available in this new release.If a custom endpoint was specified in the previous version (e.g. to access a sandbox), after upgrading, the API version in the endpoint should be updated to 35.0.  More information on how to specify a custom endpoint for a sandbox can be found here (varies based on whether the user is logging in via the new OAuth Login option or the old API login option).

 As always, please check our Knowledgebase for additional information and FAQ.