New DemandTools 2.7 and JobBuilder 1.5 now Available – update today!

Our development team has been hard at work, and we are now announcing the release of the latest version of DemandTools 2.7. The highlight of DemandTools 2.7 is definitely the completely revamped Single Table Deduplication module. We have packed lots of exciting new features to make deduping even more customizable and efficient. The most notable new feature is the addition of Field based Rules when merging. Field rules allow for an automated field-based custom merge, users pick a master record rule then set up rules for how to handle each field individually during the merge process. For example, use the Oldest record as Master record but use the phone number and email from the newest record etc.

Highlights of the new Single Table Deduplication features in DemandTools 2.7 include:

  • Field Rule based Custom Merges including Oldest/Newest/Most Recently Modified, Use Constant, Most Common, Largest/Smallest/Average, FieldCopy, Custom Scoring etc.
  • An all new saved scenario structure, including saving the Master Rule criteria INSIDE the saved scenario making scenarios now easier to share.
  • Ability to read in an external file of identified duplicates and then mass merge them
  • Ability to mass merge duplicates found by either DupeBlocker Duplicate Warnings or Duplicate Record Management
  • Filter Match Results option to only return groups where one record meets certain criteria
  • New Master Rule Options: Most XX Objects (pick any related object), Most Recent Opportunity, Most Complete Record etc.
  • Option to create merge tasks on each Master record

Also available with DemandTools 2.7 is the ability to leverage API Client Whitelisting to control user access to DemandTools. Watch a short video on the new DemandTools 2.7 here.

Newest version of DemandTools JobBuilder 1.5 is also available. This release of JobBuilder 1.5 has the same great functionality as version 1.0 allowing for the scheduling and automating DemandTools scenarios into batch jobs. Now with version 1.5 a single JobBuilder job can control DemandTools as it works in multiple Salesforce instances. Watch a short video on JobBuilder 1.5 here.