The Salesforce Administrators’ Data Quality Power Toolset

DemandTools is the leading data quality & data cleansing toolset for customers worldwide.

DemandTools is a suite of 10+ individual data quality modules to control, standardize, deduplicate, import and generally manipulate Salesforce and/or data.

Designed to work in the Developer, Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited versions of Salesforce; DemandTools is a client-based application that Salesforce administrator’s install on their Microsoft Windows computer.

DemandTools Capabilities

DemandTools is an enterprise capable suite of data quality modules designed for Salesforce administrators. DemandTools contains modules for data deduplication, normalization, standardization, comparison, import, export, mass delete to name just a few. These modules have been designed to work on massive data sets at the most sophisticated Salesforce installations around the world. DemandTools can be operated in a manual mode but also in a 100% scheduled unattended mode for large batch jobs.

Providing much more than duplicate removal, DemandTools is all about overall administrator productivity when working with Salesforce data.

DemandTools is sold as an annual subscription and is an ever evolving suite of data quality modules.

Please be sure to browse the DemandTools Detail page for a detailed description of each module.

Pricing can be found here