DemandTools – Product Details

DemandTools is a data quality power toolset of 10+ individual software modules, each of them performing a specific data quality task working with Salesforce data.

The DemandTools modules are broken down into three major sections according to their primary objectives:

  • Maintenance Tools – Modules for data loading, data backup, data manipulation
  • Cleansing Tools – Modules for deduplication and merging of duplicates at the Salesforce data center
  • Discovery Tools – Modules for comparing external data to the data already loaded into before importing

DemandTools – Maintenance Tools


The MassImpact module is a multi-table data manipulation tool that does not require importing or exporting. MassImpact allows the administrator to develop and maintain data standards by developing corrective actions to common data mistakes. These changes can be made to any size and subset of data based on selection criteria.

It could be used for example to:

  • Find all Accounts with a Billing State = Texas and change the state value to TX
  • Find all items in the price book between $5 and $10 and add 20% to the list price
  • Find all Contacts with no shipping information and move the Account billing information into those fields populating them
  • Find all Opportunities that were projected to close last month but didn’t and drop their probability by 20%

Any field in any table of Salesforce (API permitting) can be mass modified using the MassImpact data manipulation module.

MassImpact YouTube Video:

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The MassEffect tool is the ultimate data loader, data exporter, updater and delete tool for Salesforce and platform data.

With full support for importing and exporting advanced file formats including XLS, CSV, MDB and UDL, not to mention many unique features MassEffect is used by the serious administrator looking for full data loading power and our unique heads up console.

MassEffect is fully international character capable.

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PowerGrid is a spreadsheet like data canvas connected directly to your Salesforce data. Users use standard spreadsheet functions (drag and drop, copy and paste, direct entry, filtering etc) combined with the advanced data quality components from the other DemandTools modules to quickly and easily make ad hoc changes to Salesforce en mass.

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Reassign Ownershipalrmclockicon

The Reassign Ownership module adds the ability to mass transfer the ownership of any object in Salesforce and its related sub-objects (if so desired) in a single pass. The end user starts by selecting which Salesforce objects to change using where clauses and optional match conditions to spread changes across multiple new owners, and alternatively using an input file of Salesforce ID’s for changes. The module also includes options for selecting which sub objects to reassign, creating tasks directly on objects to track changes and reviewing the results grid.

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The DemandTools MassBackup module allows the user to create an automatic MDB (Microsoft Access) backup of their data on their local computer. This useful tool allows for custom selection of tables and custom scheduling. The MDB database that is created is fully relational and useful for analytics, security and integrations. It may also be mass modified and re imported into with MassEffect!

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BulkBackup alrmclockicon

BulkBackup adds enterprise backup strength to the lighterweight MassBackup module. BulkBackup uses the Salesforce
Bulk API for more efficient data flow and the extended Microsoft Access .accdb file format providing a larger, more robust data environment.

Examine Online Help for BulkBackup

DemandTools – Cleansing Modules

Single Table Dedupe

The industry standard batch deduplicator for Salesforce used by thousands of customers ranging from small business to large enterprise.

The Single Table Dedupe module is capable of finding and merging all types of Salesforce duplicate objects including Accounts, Leads, Contacts but also Events, Assets etc, even Custom Objects. The deduplicator allows for 100% control in terms of how the duplicates are identified and multiple different methods to merge the records. The user can choose between a fully manual “Custom Merge” or use one of our advanced record selection rules (or even create their own) to execute an automated master vs. servant merge process. Of course the Single Table Dedupe provides the user with the heuristic and phonetic matching tools in addition to excellent street and phone parsing matches, domain matches and much more.

With the newly revamped Single Table Dedupe in DemandTools 2.7 we have added increased flexibility with Field based Rules when merging. Field rules allow for an automated field-based custom merge, users pick a master record rule then set up rules for how to handle each field individually during the merge process. For example, use the Oldest record as Master record but use the phone number and email from the newest record etc.

Additionally, DemandTools now has the ability to mass merge duplicates found by either DupeBlocker Duplicate Warnings or Duplicate Record Management.

Single Table Dedupe YouTube Video:

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Lead Conversion  New in DemandTools 2.8

Lead to Contact, Lead to Account and Mass Lead Convert modules have been replaced by the new all-in-one Lead Conversion module. Converting Leads is now even easier! Lead Conversion allows mass conversion of Leads without creating duplicate Contacts and Accounts, all in one pass!

Leads can be compared to Contacts and Accounts using all of CRMfusion’s powerful and flexible matching techniques. When matches are found the Leads are converted and merged (with their Campaigns and Activities) into the matching Contact, or a new Contact on an existing Account. Additionally, you have the option to convert remaining unmatched Leads and create new Contacts and Accounts.

Lead Conversion features:

  • Ability to select Leads from a specific Campaign, even filter by Campaign Status
  • Ability to convert Leads from CRMfusion’s DupeBlocker Lead to Contact or Lead to Account Warnings
  • Ability to read in a spreadsheet with Lead and matching Contact or Account ID’s
  • Multiple Contact and Account matching steps in a single pass
  • Option to avoid creating duplicate NEW Accounts by matching Lead fields prior to conversion
  • Customizable creation of Opportunities during conversion
  • Robust results grid featuring grouping capabilities, conversion statistics, match report by step, and inline editing
  • Flexible scheduling options including JUST exporting the results, JUST populating the AccountID on the Lead record, or fully processing the conversion
  • and more!

Scenarios saved with the previous modules can be used/updated with Lead Conversion, and any scheduled jobs using old scenarios will still work as well (they will load in the new Lead Conversion module). Additional information regarding working with previously saved scenarios can be found here.

LeadConversion YouTube Video:

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DemandTools – Discovery Tools

Find/Report ID’salrmclockicon

The Find/Report ID’s module is a tool capable of comparing an external data source (XLS, MDB, CSV, and UDL) to ANY information (including Custom Objects) in Salesforce. The Find/Report ID’s module will do the custom comparison and develop a results file showing which objects matched and their location of where they are by object ID (no data is actually changed).

Find/Report ID’s Youtube Video:

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Now that you understand what the DemandTools modules are capable of, download your free trial today!