DemandTools — JobBuilder

Easily batch and schedule DemandTools jobs

Do you have multiple DemandTools scenarios that you execute every hour, day, week or month? Are you looking for an easy way to automate those scenarios into one single click, or even better have those scenarios run automatically for you on a scheduled basis?

DemandTools JobBuilder is a graphical script creation tool that provides DemandTools users a simple and quick way to create batches of DemandTools jobs (scenarios) that can be easily run as a single file or scheduled with Windows Task Scheduler to run automatically.

JobBuilder is included at no extra cost to all DemandTools subscriptions.

JobBuilder Features

With DemandTools JobBuilder .DJB batch files you can launch any number of DemandTools scenarios as well as other programs with just a few simple clicks. You can control the starting process and behavior of DemandTools with many properties such as Delay or Run mode. You can even do more than starting DemandTools by using the built-in file management functions such as Copy, Rename, Makedir, Delete and End Process.

DemandTools JobBuilder batch files can be launched manually or by using the built-in functionality to schedule batches with Windows Task Scheduler directly from the JobBuilder interface.

JobBuilder Feature List:

  • Launch an entire batch of jobs, individually selected or an individual DemandTools scenario job directly from DemandTools JobBuilder
  • Edit DemandTools scenarios from right click inside the DemandTools JobBuilder job list
  • Launch files of any file types
  • Internal commands: Run, Copy, Rename, Makedir, Delete, DelTree, End Process, Kill Process, Text to Clipboard
  • Wildcard support for Copy, Delete, and DelTree
  • Drag & Drop between Windows Explorer and DemandTools JobBuilder for easy batch creation
  • Support for date and time tags (such as %YY% and %MM%)
  • Command line parameters can be passed to DemandTools JobBuilder script files and then further passed to DemandTools
  • Easy scheduling of batches with built in link to Windows Scheduler
  • New with version 1.5-a single JobBuilder job can control DemandTools as it works in multiple Salesforce instances.

Examine JobBuilder Online Help

Download JobBuilder

DemandTools JobBuilder is a free product for DemandTools customers.

In order to utilize JobBuilder you will need to upgrade to the latest version of DemandTools (version 2.60.81 or greater) The current DemandTools can be found on the DemandTools download page

After upgrading DemandTools, download the JobBuilder program separately below. JobBuilder is a windows-based application and installs separately from DemandTools.



Download JobBuilder