DupeBlocker – Product Details

DupeBlocker is an enterprise class, 100% Force.com developed application, designed to prevent duplicate records from entering your Salesforce database.

DupeBlocker is installed directly into your Salesforce instance by your Salesforce Administrator and once deployed will automatically check every record inserted or updated based on all active scenarios for duplicates, in real-time. Administrators can choose to use the pre-built scenarios or create custom scenarios to fit your specific data needs (pre-built scenarios can also be modified).

Real-time deduplication scenarios can be developed for any Salesforce object type as well as multi-table scenarios for Lead to Contact and Lead to Account. When designing the scenario the administrator is given a variety of different options, such as blocking the record from entering the database, allowing the record to enter but sending a notification message (via a Salesforce Task) to the user or to the administrator that a potential duplicate was created. DupeBlocker also has the ability to perform automatic merges and automatic conversions based upon custom settings.

DupeBlocker uses the same advanced matching algorithms as our other products DemandTools and PeopleImport. We provide specialized tools for matching account names, first names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. These techniques can be combined with our fuzzy (phonetics), transpositional and data cleaning algorithms in order to find the highest percentage of potential duplicates.

DupeBlocker works directly within Salesforce and is constantly monitoring for duplicates. Each time a duplicate record is entered, it is either blocked or a Duplicate Warning object is created, depending on the selections in the scenario. These custom objects are reportable and DupeBlocker even ships with dashboards to track scenario effectiveness. The dashboards also report who or what is creating the duplicates and how many have been blocked and or merged as result of each DupeBlocker scenario.

DupeBlocker is configurable such that if a Duplicate Warning object is created a Salesforce Task can also be created for either the end user or the administrator. When these Tasks are assigned to the end user that created the duplicate, it is very easy for the end user to explore the potential duplicates that were found. After exploring and verifying the end user can be given the capability to merge the records in the custom DupeBlocker merge and convert tool.