DupeBlocker – Support & Self-Help

DupeBlocker support is available to both clients and trial version clients. We encourage you to utilize the vast resources of our Public Knowledgebase, Tech Forum and Online Help as the first step to solving your inquiry.

CRMfusion Product Knowledge Base

All of our technical support cases are logged in Salesforce and many are upgraded to solution status because they are so common. Search for your solution with one or two keywords in the box below.

Online Help System for DupeBlocker

If you are unable to create a case using the buttons above, alternate means of creating a case include:

  1. Email support@crmfusion.com with your contact information and a description of the problem/issue. A case will automatically be created and you will receive your case number in a follow up email minutes later.
  2. Telephone technical support at 1-800-961-8205 option #2. Please be prepared to leave a message or have the responding support staff member log the call and enter it into the queue.