Professional AND cost effective tool to import Leads, Accounts and Contacts into Salesforce

PeopleImport is the Ultimate Way to Import Contacts & Leads

  • Imagine being able to import lists or trade show data into Salesforce perfectly?
  • Update the existing records, create new ones only when needed?
  • Automatically handle tasking and campaign links?

Utopian dream? Not with PeopleImport. PeopleImport is a stand alone Windows based software program that is designed to allow the end user to develop customized import scenarios. These scenarios include customized passes to ensure duplicates are not created, but rather existing Leads, Accounts or Contacts are updated.

Following up on the incredible success of DemandTools, PeopleImport is CRMfusion’s second major software product built for Salesforce. While DemandTools is (among other things) a deduper of data already inside, PeopleImport is the filter to stop new duplicates from being created. Together PeopleImport and DemandTools make for the most powerful combination available for Salesforce customers large and small.

To learn more about PeopleImport visit the PeopleImport Detail page or go ahead and directly download a trial version below or from the Downloads page.