PeopleImport – Product Details

PeopleImport is a standalone Windows based program that can be used by any Professional or Enterprise customer. (Both administrators and non-administrators)

PeopleImport provides an alternative to importing data through the user interface and allows for the automatic deduplication of the incoming data sets and much more.

PeopleImport Screen 1 – Defining Mappings

Because PeopleImport has the ability to import into both Leads and Contacts at the same time the incoming data source (XLS, MDB, CSV or Queue) can be mapped to the Contact and/or to the Lead table. Most customers would map to both Leads and Contacts, in addition to the mapping you also set the mapping conditions (when to insert , when to update etc).

PeopleImport Screen 2 – Deciding What to Compare Against

To support the largest of customers, PeopleImport allows you to decide which Leads and which Contacts the incoming data will be compared against. Geographic or regional narrowing is expected to be common place.

PeopleImport Screen 3 – Comparison Criteria

Step 3 is where the user configures PeopleImport to perform multiple custom comparisons between the incoming data and the data in Salesforce. Different passes against the Lead and Contact/Account (using CRMfusion matching algorithms) are possible and along each matching step there is the ability to create events and campaign links.

PeopleImport Screen 4- Global Campaign/Task Links

Step 4 is where Campaign links and Tasks can be created globally for all records in the input file, or any records that were NOT linked to Campaign or assigned a Task in any of the matching steps in Step 3. This step is optional and can be skipped if no Campaigns or Tasks need to be assigned in the import.

PeopleImport Screen 5 – Results

In Step 5 PeopleImport gives you a row by row preview of what will happen to the new incoming data. What will be inserted and what records will be updated. After reviewing all of the results the user simply selects to import the records. The inserts, updates to both Leads, Contacts and Accounts are done as well as the creation of the Campaign links and Events and Tasks.