PeopleImport – Downloads & Trials


Please review the PeopleImport 2.2 release notes for all the exciting new features and to determine which version, 32bit or 64bit, is compatible with your system. New features in PeopleImport 2.2 include:

  • Login Support for Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Native 64bit Version Now Available
  • Option to Change and Update to an Insert
  • Error Message Added to Final Results Files

The standard PeopleImport trial is not limited in terms of the amount of time it functions. It is however limited in the fact that it will compare your incoming “people data” to the data already loaded inside your database and generate a DISPLAYABLE report …. it will not however ACTUALLY IMPORT DATA that of course the non trial subscription does.

The trial time period and functionality is controlled by our authentication servers. Contact our sales group to request trial extensions and full functionality testing without changing the version of PeopleImport that you have installed.

Installation Instructions for PeopleImport

PeopleImport is a .NET client-based application that Salesforce administrator’s install on their Microsoft Windows computer. Please refer to the installation instructions for system requirements based on the current production version.

Please contact us for help if you need any at 1-800-961-8205 or even better at