PowerGrid – Product Details

PowerGrid provides you with many of the features of DemandTools in an “all in one” easy to view and edit spreadsheet-like data canvas. You download the data you want to manipulate, pull it into PowerGrid and you have full flexibility to update, delete, standardize, etc. all with simple mouse clicks. Once you’ve made your changes, simply click post changes, and those changes are immediately posted to your Salesforce data. It’s never been easier to update, standardize and cleanse your Salesforce data.

PowerGrid is perfect for any size salesforce instance – from the large installs where users like Marketing Mangers, Product Managers, Sales Managers, or other power editors need to easily and quickly mass update, manipulate, or manage the data in salesforce. Whether you are using PowerGrid to edit thousands of pricebook entries or update this quarter’s opportunities, it’s simple with PowerGrid. The possibilities are endless–Marketing Managers can utilize PowerGrid to easily update campaigns, standardize data to ensure best possible results for marketing campaign and much more! Sales Managers can mass update opportunities with ease – moving all the open opportunities to next quarter and more! PowerGrid works with all objects within salesforce, including custom objects! Smaller salesforce instances can utilize the many DemandTools functions within PowerGrid as a powerful and affordable data quality solution.