CRMfusion Incorporated = Salesforce Data Quality

CRMfusion Inc. develops software that assists thousands of worldwide organizations in reaching their data quality goals. Our data quality software products integrate with the world leading cloud computing platform offered by with whom we share thousands of mutual customers. More than 5000 administrators worldwide use CRMfusion’s toolkit to maintain the highest Salesforce data quality possible.

The CRMfusion product suite at a glance
  • DemandTools – Salesforce administrator’s data quality power toolset – de duplicate, cleanse, standardize and more!
  • DupeBlocker – Real-time de-duplication running within Salesforce – avoid duplicates as they are created!

  • PeopleImport – Ultimate tool to import lists, match existing Leads, Contacts and Accounts, and more.
  • ParentFixer – No Child Accounts left behind in Salesforce merges!

Complete Toolkit DemandTools

DemandTools: Provides amazingly flexible de-duplication for all objects (as well as Lead->Contact and Lead->Account) that can be scheduled to run on its own or be reviewed by hand. Provides a number of options and logging that make insertion, updates and deletion of records nearly painless. Makes it as easy to make point and click updates to large data sets as it is to do in Excel thanks to the new PowerGrid… And that’s just barely scratching the surface. In short it's the Swiss Army Knife for Salesforce administrators and it’s hard to imagine Salesforce without it.

Brian Makas | DemandTools customer since 2006

Brian Makas
DemandTools customer since 2006

Not Just Duplicates … Administrator Productivity

DemandTools is a packaged suite of 11 individual data quality software modules, each of them performing a specific task working with Salesforce data.

The DemandTools modules allow administrators to control, standardize, verify, de duplicate, import and generally manipulate Salesforce or data. More than just duplicate removal, DemandTools is overall administrator productivity.


PeopleImport is the professional and cost effective way to import Leads, Contacts and Accounts into Salesforce. Imagine being able to import lists or tradeshow data into Salesforce without duplication – comparing against existing data in Leads, Contacts and Accounts.

Much more than a dataloader, PeopleImport is the filter to stop new duplicates from being created.


DupeBlocker is the first real time duplicate prevention program for Salesforce and stops users from being able to create duplicates in REAL time, as well as web lead dupes, SFDC to SFDC dupes and more!

Used by thousands of Salesforce organizations worldwide, DupeBlocker is the only ENTERPRISE capable real time duplication solution.