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Export additional fields in master/non-master files to simplify deduplication of accounts based on results of deduplication scenario run on contacts  


Nick J.
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August 23, 2017 12:41 pm  

I have a dedupe process that involves merging accounts based on the results of a deduplication scenario run on contacts. It would be very useful if the field selected for extra field logging is included in exported master/non-master files, so that I could use an exported master/non-master file to merge accounts without doing any additional data manipulation.

As it stands I have to do some pretty cumbersome manipulation in Excel to get the master account id and non-master account id in separate columns, and this throws a wrench in attempts to automate via JobBuilder (automation is technically possible by hacking together a solution that involves .exe files and Excel marcos, but this is not a robust solution). 

In addition to the use case described above, this simple feature would open up a number of possibilities that would be very useful to my organization, such as:

  • automatically de-duping contacts based on the results of a de-dupe scenario run on a custom email address object (where Email_Address__c is a child of Contacts)
  • automatically de-duping accounts based on the results of a de-dupe scenario run on a custom address object (where Address__c is a child of Accounts)

Glenn Wilson
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August 29, 2017 10:08 am  


This has just been added to our development copy and will be available in version 2.8.   If extra field logging is checked then the value for this field will be in the master/non-master file.