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Find/Report ID's returning "No Matches" when matching on an ID field, but there are matches?  


Ashley Sierant
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May 24, 2017 4:58 pm  


I have the Salesforce ID in my input file and am using that in my matching steps, but it is not finding the matches.  What am I doing wrong?


When using Discovery -> Find/Report ID's to match a Salesforce ID field from an input file the the corresponding ID field in Salesforce (i.e. an AccountID) the mapping type " ID match" should be used instead of "Exact". 

If the input file has the 15-digit ID and "Exact" is used then it will not return any matches, as the actual ID is an 18-digit ID. The " ID Match" converts the 15-digit ID to it's 18-digit counterpart so it can be matched. 

The " ID Match" type can be used with either a 15 or 18 digit ID. "Exact" will ONLY find matches if the input file has the full 18-digit ID.

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Ashley Sierant
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