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Error Upgrading DupeBlocker 3.6.17 to 3.9.2  



I'm getting this error message when I try to upgrade:

This app can't be upgraded. Salesforce has blocked this package upgrade because the new package version removes some Apex code that one or more Visualforce pages or global Visualforce components need in order to function. Please contact your partner with this error information. Provide these component names to your partner. Visualforce Pages: DupeBlocker - Scenario - Key Builder, DupeBlocker - Warning - Convert or Merge.


I'm trying to upgrade from 3.6.17 to 3.9.2:

An earlier version is installed. It can be upgraded while preserving the existing data.

Installed: 3.6.17 (3.6.17)

New Version: 3.9.2 (3.9.2)

I'm pretty sure that I'm following these upgrade instructions to the T, but I have been known to make mistakes. Here's all the access settings as I have them set right before I hit upgrade. 

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!



Can you please email me directly,, as all DupeBlocker 3 orgs were auto-upgraded to version 3.8.14 about 1 month ago so that they would not encounter this error when upgrading to 3.9.

The push upgrade must have failed for some reason in your case, so we will need to address that first.  One of the changes (fixed in version 3.7) affects the mapping type domain and relaxed domain, and since that requires a full key rebuild to take effect we are unable to push to orgs that use one of those mapping types in their scenario matching rules.  If you are using one of those types I will need to send you the direct link to upgrade to 3.8.14 then you can upgrade to 3.9 and will need to rebuild your keys.

Thanks, Laurie


Laurie Hanlon
Product Manager, DemandTools/DupeBlocker
CRMfusion, Inc.

Please not this post was regarding problems upgrading an earlier version of DupeBlocker 3.X to 3.9.  If attempting to upgrade from version 2.X to 3.9 please refer to the following post: