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Is DupeBlocker compatible with shield platform encryption in Salesforce Summer '17?  



Wondering if the changes made in Summer '17 have made it compatible with DupeBlocker again.


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Olivia M.J. Hinkle
Product Adoption Manager



Salesforce now has the ability to use encrypted fields in custom formulas in Summer ’17 so DupeBlocker works once again with Shield Platform Encryption,  without limitations.

 The CASE formula fields on the DupeBlocker Potential Duplicates object: Name; Email; Phone, all render the actual field data.  Before Spring ’17,  you could install DupeBlocker but those fields would render #ERROR! vs. the actual data.

 After Spring ’17 (and before Summer ’17) you could not install a new DupeBlocker or upgrade an existing with platform encrypted fields.


Of course, you still cannot query on encrypted fields but that is not unique to our tools.  

The DupeBlocker duplicate key data WILL NOT be encrypted at rest (even though it may contain encrypted fields).

See this post for more information.

Olivia M.J. Hinkle
Product Adoption Manager


Unfortunately NO, Dupe blocker is not compatible


I just created a case  00067633 to clarify if we need to de-Install DupeBlocker to enable encryption

the error is triggered by the formula field "Potential Duplicate.Contact Display Field"

where the formula references the Contact firstname and Lastname, bot are no go's

I can't amend the formula to use the ID's so if CRMFusion is not coming back within 24H i need to deinstall the package to continue with the impact analysis

At this stage Spring'18, Dupeblocker version 3.8.14 is NOT SHIELD ready

 full error message:

Encryption is now enabled on one or more fields.

Encryption enablement has failed for the following fields:



    Encryption can't be enabled for fields referenced in the custom formula fields: DupeBlocker Potential Duplicate.Contact Display Field. Make sure your permissions, fields, operators, and functions are compatible with encryption and try again.


Changes made in Salesforce Summer '18 with regards to encrypted fields used in formulas unfortunately resulted in DupeBlocker becoming incompatible with Shield Encryption.  As a result, new DupeBlockers customers were no longer able to install DupeBlocker with already encrypted fields, and existing customers lost the ability to enable encryption for name, email or phone fields on Leads, Contact and/or Account records.

We just posted a new release of DupeBlocker, 3.9.8, to the AppExchange today where this issue is resolved.  An upgrade to the new release will be required to "restore" full compatibility with Shield Encryption.  The release can be download here.

Please follow the standard upgrade instructions.  All DupeBlocker Keys should be rebuilt when updating to a new release.

Thanks, Laurie

Laurie Hanlon
Product Manager, DemandTools/DupeBlocker
CRMfusion, Inc.