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May 9, 2017 2:07 pm  


Is there a way to send an email alerting the current user that a duplicate was detected i.e. a Warning was created or an additional duplicate was added to an existing Warning?  I know I can create Tasks for the Warning, but would also like to have an email sent to the user.


Yes, but it is not a built in option within DupeBlocker.  There are 3 ways that this could be done.

Option 1.  Create a custom worfklow rule that triggers when a DupeBlocker Potential Duplicate record is created.

  • This will require that the match on insert and/or update action is set to "Report Duplicate" so that Warnings/Potential Duplicate records are created
  • The workflow rule criteria can be based off the Object_Type__c field, i.e. DupeBlocker Potential Duplicate: Object Type equals Lead
    • Separate workflows can be created for each object type that you want to create email alerts for (i.e Accounts, Contacts, Leads etc.)
  • The email template could include a link to the object that triggered the duplicate and also contain a link to the associated Warning. for example:

Duplicate Lead Detected:{!CRMfusionDBR101__Potential_Duplicate__c.CRMfusionDBR101__LeadId__c}  

Please review the warning for all duplicates and merge:{!CRMfusionDBR101__Potential_Duplicate__c.CRMfusionDBR101__Duplicate_WarningId__c}

NOTE:  The downside to this option is that you will get MULTIPLE emails for each potential duplicate in the Warning (i.e. a minimum of 2 emails when a duplicate is initially detected).

Additional Notes:

  • Email Alerts CANNOT be created for Tasks (i.e. the Warning Task). 
  • Alerts could be triggered when Warnings are created, but there are limitations:
    • If a new duplicate is inserted that matches and EXISTING Warning the existing Warning is NOT updated.  An additional DupeBlocker Potential Duplicate record is created and added to the related list but that does not update the Warning itself (so an alert would not be triggered in that case even if the workflow action was created and edited).
    • You cannot link back directly to the matching record from the Warning (only via the DupeBlocker Potential Duplicates attached to the Warning) so the email template would only contain the Warning ID.

Option 2:  Create a custom after insert trigger on the DupeBlocker Potential Duplicate Object

  • This will require that the match on insert and/or update action is set to "Report Duplicate" so that Warnings/Potential Duplicate records are created
  • The DupeBlocker Potential Duplicate Object is linked to the Warning via the CRMfusionDBR101__Duplicate_Warning__c which is a lookup field to the Warning
    • Using the Warning ID you can query the Potential Duplicate Object to get all the duplicates related to the Warning
  • A single email could be sent
  • The email could be customized to include fields from the duplicate records vs. JUST the id's as in a workflow rule
    • Access to the Account, Contact, or Lead records is via the Account__c, Contact__c and Lead__c fields on the DupeBlocker Potential Duplicate Object

Option 3:  If using DupeBlocker 3 could use the new "Custom Apex Handler" option for the "Match on Insert"/"Match on Update" option

  • Allows the user to define their own custom Apex Class to manipulate the duplicates however they choose
  • More information on this option can be found here
    • Sample code to use this option to send a basic email to the user when a duplicate is detected can be found here

NOTE:  Options 2 & 3 require APEX code experience.  CRMfusion will not write custom code for customers nor will technical support be provided to troubleshoot custom code that is created with these options.  These options are for advanced developers with Apex Code experience only.

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