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JobBuilder won't save my DemandTools .exe file location  




There are two of us running scheduled DT (demandtools) jobs using JB (jobbuilder). On my machine, everything runs as expected. On my colleague's machine, the scenarios won't run and we get this error every time:  DemandTools executable not found! Please set path in settings menu.

We have upgraded her to the newest version, we have set the .exe multiple times and each time we go check the setting, it has been erased.

Anyone have any insight? 


Hi Vance-

I have seen this happen once before. It relates to the user installing JobBuilder not having read and write permissions to the JobBuilder .ini file location. 

The .ini file location can be found under Settings-Configuration; the file path should be similar to this: C:\ProgramData\DemandToolsJobBuilder\JobBuilder.ini

The version in your .ini file is most likely older than the version you have installed. 

Ex: The .ini file version will say 1 - but in the JobBuilder Help - About you see a different version;


To resolve:

Have someone who has full admin access to the machine reinstall JobBuilder.

If the above doesn't fix the issue:

Uninstall JobBuilder and delete all references to the application (including deleting the .ini file).

Reinstall JobBuilder (by someone with full admin access) and reboot the machine. The reboot is a necessary step.

The file should now be updated and the .exe should save when re-entered after the reinstall.



Olivia M.J. Hinkle
Product Adoption Manager