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[Solved] Identifying Matching Fields to Update When Values Do Not Match  



Greetings from CRMfusion Support! We had a case logged recently that I thought might be beneficial to other users.  The question posed was: 

"Is there a way to use Demand Tools to compare two fields in the same object and then pull back data where they don't match? What I'm trying to do is compare a custom field called "Line of Business" to a custom field called "Firm Type." These fields should match, but I've found some records where they don't and I'd like to find all of them and fix them."

See my response below in the answer box. 

Hope someone out there can use this information! 


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Ashley Sierant
Customer Success Manager
CRMfusion, Inc.


This is definitely possible using DemandTools. There are a few ways you can attack this.  I have them listed below: 

Option 1: MassImpact - Field Copy 

Since the two fields are on the same object and should be the same value, you can perform a field copy in MassImpact. This would copy the data from Line of Business and place it in Firm Type (or vice versa).  With this process, in your results grid you will be able to re-sort your grid based on whether the data changed.  The group where the "data changed" would be those where the values are different. (It recognizes if the field values are the same and won't update those records thus only updating those that were different).

Here is some information on MassImpact and field copy. We also have a recorded training where this is covered if you need a visual! 


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Option 2: Find/Report Ids 

To compare field values that are different, one option is to use the Find/Report Ids module. You will need to export the records to perform the comparison on and then Find/Report Ids will allow you to match the Line of Business field to the Firm Type field on the object in question. In the export options of Step 3, you have the ability to export a file of Non-Matches which would show you all records where the values did not match.  For this use case, when you exporting the records you want to work with make sure to export record id. The non-match file will not contain record id and you will be using this file to perform the updates in MassEffect. 


Recorded Webinar:

Ashley Sierant
Customer Success Manager
CRMfusion, Inc.