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Single Table De-Duplication SF Rules on Created Field  



Morning Community, 

Question to throw to the ether: when SF merges accounts, the oldest "Created By" information is retained no matter which master account is selected (user name and time).  Is there anyway to override this function with Single Table Dedup? I want to keep the created by information for the master account, but still need merge any blank fields and/or objects from non-masters....

Any ideas?



The only way you can control which created by and created date is retained is by unchecking the "use salesforce merge" checkbox. It will then keep the created by and date of the selected master record.

Be advised to review this document prior to doing the above as these caveats will apply.

I also highly recommend that a test is run with this change to ensure the merge executes as you expect in all other aspects.



Olivia M.J. Hinkle
Product Adoption Manager