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Standardizing State fields using StateMatchLongName formula  


Kelly Jenkins
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July 3, 2017 1:05 pm  

Today, I will walk through the DT23_Account_BillingState_LongName.MIxm scenario that uses the StateMatchLongName formula to standardize the BillingState field on the Account.  This scenario standardizes the US states and Canadian provinces to the long form of the state/province.

This scenario ships with DemandTools and is located in  C:\Users\User\Documents\DemandToolsData\MassImpact Scenarios\

I have also attached the scenario to this post.

Scenario walk though:


Take it a step further:

You can customize the StateMatchLongName to standardize states in the other countries by adding additional values to the StateMatchOverrides file.  For example, you could add Australian States a to this file so that when you run the StateMatchLongName formula, it will standardize the states for Australia. More information on StateMatchOverrides file here.


Here is more information on MassImpact Formulas

If you have any uses cases you would like to see presented here, or if you have any questions/comments, please comment below.


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