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Demand Tools Named Administrator Error  


Cody Lausch
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June 1, 2018 12:38 pm  

A week or so ago we requested access for Non Administrators to be able to use this tool in our UAT Sandbox.  I supplied our Org Id and all the user id’s of who needs access to Demand Tools including system admins and now nobody is able to use demand tools.  It does show in our environment that we are logging in through demand tools however the second we log in we are getting an error that states ‘You are not a member of the named administrators’.  Is there anything that we needed to do on our end in order for this to work or did something go wrong when adding named administrators to our org? Once again our UAT Sandbox environment is the only environment in which we requested named administrators so our other two environments (Dev and Production) we have demand tools on is working fine for system admins.