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Anja Miller
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April 18, 2017 1:08 pm  

This session takes a typical trade show list and imports it into Salesforce using PeopleImport. Covered areas include: 

• Tips for preparing your data for import: formatting fields such that zip codes don’t lose a leading zero, phone numbers don’t get converted to scientific notation, concatenating multiple lines of address, using Salesforce ID’s where appropriate (e.g. owner, record type), etc. 
• Field Mapping Options: auto-map vs. manual mapping, checking mapped fields for “bad” data, mapping options (insert, do not update, update, update only if empty, and merge), and recommendations for which to use with specific fields 
• Developing Match Conditions for comparing data to Salesforce: selecting fields to match, mapping types, common pitfalls and general best practices 
• Final Match Condition options for inserts 
• Creating Campaign links and inserting Tasks 
• Evaluating final results grid, and processing the import 
• Review of files created after the import completes: Final Results file and Restore file

**all public training recordings are unedited**

4/26/2017 JR

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