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Customizing the PeopleImport Account Cleaning List  


Ashley Sierant
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June 28, 2017 9:25 am  

Improve matching when using the Cleaned Account Name mapping type in PeopleImport by customizing your Account Cleaning List. The Cleaned Account Name mapping type references a series of tables that come pre-loaded with a set of default values.  Users can make this mapping type work better with their individual data sets by adding abbreviations, suffixes, and pre-fixes that are unique to their Salesforce instance! 

Customizing your Account Cleaning List is easy.  In Stage 3, you will see the option in the upper right hand corner to Edit Account Cleaning list. See screen shots below for a visual. More information on mapping types can be found here. 

You also have the option to Share Cleaned Account List Among Users


Replace List

Suffix List

Prefix List

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Ashley Sierant
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