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Authentication Error: Your account has expired  


Laurie Hanlon
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June 22, 2017 6:34 pm  


I am getting a "Authentication Error" error upon logging into PeopleImport, how do I resolve?


1. If the errors lists your Organization's Salesforce ID, this means that your account has expired.

Please contact our Sales Department to get this resolved and/or renew your account access by sending an email to:

NOTE: NFP's will need to contact the NFP team for assistance:

2. If the error states that the account has expired, but you still have an active license and the OrganizationID is EMPTY then the Salesforce password for that user has expired but a new one has not yet been entered. To resolve, log into Salesforce with that username, enter a new password, and then attempt to log back into PeopleImport.

NOTE: If auto-login was checked (not seeing the log-in screen) run the following utility to clear the check box. Launch PeopleImport again and login with the new password.

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