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Sharing Cleaned Account & Nickname List Among Users  


Laurie Hanlon
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June 26, 2017 7:01 pm  


How do I share my Cleaned Account List and/or Nickname List?


There are 2 way to share the “Cleaned Account List” and “Nickname List” between PeopleImport users: 

1. Update the directories where these files are located to a shared drive on your network using the "File Paths" tab in the PeopleImport Options menu. More information on "File Paths" can be found here.

2. Attach the lists to an email and have the other PeopleImport user save to their PeopleImportData/ReplaceList directory on their PC: 

NameReplaceList.XML (nickname list) 

replacelist.XML (cleaned account name list).

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