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[Sticky] How to be successful with Validity applications  


Olivia Hinkle
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June 27, 2017 2:44 pm  

We all want to be successful in our careers and masters of the applications that help us meet our goals.

But, how do we become masters of these applications?

5 Key steps taken by our most successful users:

  1. Evaluate the tool’s capabilities
    • Knowing what the application is capable of is a building block to implementing it in your day to day processes
  2. Get Trained!!
    • Training is the number one step a user will take to ensure success
      • Applying the learned techniques to your data is a close runner-up.
    •  Take advantage of our FREE, LIVE, PUBLIC TRAINING hosted by our CSMs.
      • These classes are interactive and users are encouraged to ask questions during the session.
    • No time to wait for the class date to arrive? Check out our library of previously recorded webinars.
  3. Take it for a test drive
    • Modifying data en masse in a Production environment can be daunting and no one wants to hose the company’s business information.
    • Test changes and merges in a Salesforce sandbox or developer’s org.
      • Connections to these orgs are included in the subscription.
  4. Schedule it (DemandTools only)
    • Our top tier users hone in on the necessary but needlessly time-consuming data tasks (think: data standardization, rigid criteria merges, exports, etc.) and pass them over to JobBuilder, our free scheduling tool. Because, why not let something else do a little work for you!
    • Check out JobBuilder
  5. Ask for help
    • CRMfusion is unique in a lot of ways but one that stands out, WE LOVE INTERACTING WITH OUR USERS!
    • Our newest support avenue, the Validity Community, provides 24/7/365 support from our brilliant user base and Validity employees.
    • Our technical team is top notch and will resolve even the most intimidating error messages or hiccups we all inevitably encounter.


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Olivia M.J. Hinkle
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